About us


My name is Eszter Takács, the founder and owner of the kennel Eszter-Házi Drótos.
I was born in Szombathely, the western part of Hungary. I was 9 when my dog-story started. I worked a lot with guardian breeds but any of them was not my breed.
I was 14 years old when my first wirehaired vizsla come into my life. He was Diana Ficsur "Dennis". I fell in love with the breed and started to learn a lot abut bloodlines, dogs, breeders.
Dennis was my best friend and I missed the university because of him but I don't mind. My life just turned into a way I love and I feel this is my way to live.
Since 2001 working with gundogs became my lifestyle.

In 2007 Csővárberki Tücsi came into my life. She was a once in a lifetime dog and I feel so lucky and I will be grateful forever that she was my dog.
I'm a small breeder of what I think the most perfect of Wires: which includes superb temperament, excellent construction, with great wiry coats.  With Tücsi and her progenies I want to keep their love of work, and their passion for the breed.
My dogs are family members and friends, also partners in work.

We regularly take part of hunts near and far and help hunters with our work.
To have and breed vizslas is a lifestyle, must do with heart and brain.
I intend only to breed for quality, never quantity. Always for good temperament and for the natural working ability of this wonderful breed.